Friday, November 11, 2011

Chloe + Isabel

Recently one of my friends, Rona, who also writes an awesome food blog, introduced me to an online jewelry brand called Chloe + Isabel, that she has been working for. I love finding new places to get cute, affordable jewelry so I was excited to check it out. And I'm glad I did, because this website is simply adorable. After going through a majority of the pieces they had to offer, I had about 20 things in my imaginary shopping cart, so I could tell that the style of their jewelry was right up my alley. 

Most of the jewelry is in the middle price range - that dangerous range where it's not too expensive to turn you away, but you also think you might be able to find something similar for less money. That being said, Rona was kind enough to send me two pieces of jewelry from the site, and I can attest that the quality of the jewelry fits its price tag. 

The first piece I got was the pave spike pendant:
I have really been liking silver jewelry lately because it looks more casual and is often easier to wear. The whole spike/geometric shape trend in jewelry also gets me, so I was immediately drawn to this necklace. I love the little stones on the spike; they add sparkle and make it more unique and interesting. Like I said before, the quality of this necklace is great, much nicer than something you can get at a place like say, Forever21. I've been wearing this almost everyday and I am in love! It's simple, goes with a lot of things, and adds a bit of edginess.

The next thing I got was the modern sculpted bangle set:
When I first saw these online I freaked out a little because I thought they would be dupes for these bracelets from thecurrentcustom. Sadly, they aren't, but they are still a really nice set of bangles. Again, these are great quality and feel expensive. I haven't worn these as much as the necklace because I'm going through a silver phase, but I love bangles and these are a great way to dress up an outfit. The waviness in them makes them unique and I think they would be great to pair with other bracelets. The only thing is that I wish they were smaller, but that's pretty much how I feel with most bangles. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with the quality and design of these pieces of jewelry and all I can say is that there are a ton more other pieces that I want - like this, and this, and these
Check out their website for more goodies!

Hope you are all well,