Monday, July 23, 2012


Finally posting after weeks of being MIA! I'm still away from home, in San Francisco, and I always find it hard to blog without my familiar setup. On top of that, I haven't really been inspired by anything beauty related. I've been living off my "travel makeup" and have fallen into a repetitive routine. That is until I placed an order from Sephora and this gem arrived, bringing some fun back into getting made up. 
The Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing lip color has one of the best lip product formulations I have ever come across. I hate lipgloss, but I have a bunch sitting around in my collection for the off chance that I will want to put up with the annoying stickiness for a few hours of glossy shine. This product is the ideal liquid lipstick - the perfect in between of lipstick and gloss. It gives the right amount of shine, goes on thick but can be easily sheered out, and has a nice slip. The bendy applicator doesn't really help with getting this on, but I like that it's different.
The color free will was the obvious color choice for me - it looks like all my other favorite lipsticks. I never feel comfortable with shine on my lips during the day, but something about this is so wearable, I've been wearing it everyday.
Maybe this will be my first shot at finishing a lipgloss!

If, you've tried these, I'd love to hear your favorite shades!