Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some internet browsing...

With the holidays coming up, I've tried to hold myself back from self-indulging and instead I've turned to incessantly browsing from afar from my laptop computer. A lot of the time, I feel like the hunt for things is more exciting than the actual purchase of these things, and recently my hunts have been especially satisfying. So, I thought I'd share some things I found and love that have not yet made it out of my shopping cart.

1. Funky leggings: when it gets cold outside, I just feel like wearing leggings all the time. To spice things up from my normal plain black ones, I want to get some funky patterned ones. I really love these charcoal patterned jeggings, and these leather-like leggings from boohoo.com.

2. Necklaces from Stella Dot: just a few of the amazing pieces that stella dot has, these necklaces are so dainty and look good layered together.

3. Chelsea boots and combat-type boots: it pains me to put these chelsea boots from Topshop up here because they are no longer in stock, but they are everything I have been searching for. Sadly, I didn't realize how badly I wanted them until after they were sold out. I am still on the lookout for the perfect casual, round toed, slightly heeled chelsea boot - is that too much to ask? I'm also really liking these combat boots from Steve Madden - edgy, but simple.

4. Earmuffs: it hasn't gotten really cold yet, but when it does I know I'll thank myself for getting a pair of these earmuffs from American Apparel. The taupe color is perfect!

5. Makeup storage: I'm looking to revamp my vanity and find a more compact, and efficient way to hold my growing collection of makeup. I like these drawers from Muji, and the acrylic organizers from the Container store, but they're a little pricey for storage.

6. Mario Badescu skincare: the cold weather has made my normally combination/oily skin really dry and my skin is not in good shape right now. I've shifted my obsession with makeup to skincare and I really want to try some Mario Badescu products. I've heard good things about them before, but never realized how relatively affordable they are. I especially want to try the enzyme revitalizing mask - it sounds like just what I need.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any suggestions of things you think I would like!


  1. my skin has been really dry too :( definitely winter brought this upon me. i normally have combo/oily skin as well. i hope the chelsea boots come back in stock! i think they are fabulous, i want a pair but i really dont need a pair of boots

  2. Good browsin'!

    I saw a similar makeup storage at Target. It's such a good idea.


  3. I've used quite a few Mario Badescu products, honestly not a big fan. Too heavy most creams, and lotions even for winter.

  4. i have the 'on the mark' stella & dot necklace and i love it! great pick.

  5. I love the Stella dot necklaces!

  6. I like the necklaces! If you;re interested you can check out my christmas wish-list..you might find something interesting you'd like:)


  7. i nominated you for an award on my blog! details here:


  8. Such lovely things <3 I love seeing people's wishlists or things they're loving at the moment. :)
    Love your blog, I'm following!


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