Friday, April 6, 2012


Shirt - American Apparel; Black body con dress - Forever21; Belt - Zara; Purse - Zara; Shoes - Asos
Two outfit posts in a row! You all know how much I like my makeup, but recently I haven't made any makeup purchases and instead have been playing around with my wardrobe. 
I have Zara to thank for that - all their new spring collections are to die for and have really sparked my interest in fashion again. And this weather just makes me want to dress up and roam around the city. 

I bought this polka dot chiffon shirt from American Apparel a while ago, and wore it once. Just when I was about to dismiss it as one of those things brought on by my inner fashionista, but never to be worn in real life, I found the perfect way to wear it. 
This shirt is borderline "grandma" on the rack, which is probably why I was so intimidated to wear it out. But, it is so long and drapey that it makes a great shirt dress when belted. It is super sheer, so something needs to be worn underneath - a tight body con dress is perfect. 
The buttons are my favorite part and I love doing them all the way up.

I'm leaving to San Francisco tomorrow to visit my bestie, Nisha! So expect posts on that next week =)
Hope you are all having a wonderful day! 



  1. Omg. You made that unbelievably cute!
    Have so much fun in San Fran and send Nisha my love! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness, what an adorable outfit! The top is just so pretty:) xx

  3. wow girl! I love your style! that shirt is so cute! btw, amazing blog! You're so original :) Wanna follow each other?? I'm following :D xoxo

  4. AHH THE LENS! stop ... i can't. YOU LOOK SO GOOD <3

  5. You have a lovely style,
    From now on I'm following you.
    Would you like to follow me back?

  6. I do it all the something cute and then can't figure out how to wear it. I love how you style the shirt!

  7. i love your blog! you have really good recc for skincare and im all about that! love the natural makeup looks too! :)

  8. you've got an amazing eye for fashion and I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the lovely pictures :) I was going through some of your old posts and happen to run across one where you mentioned your angled flat top kabuki brush, would you mind telling me where you got it? it's beautiful! thanks so much in advance :) can't wait to read more! xx

    1. Hi! Thank you for your lovely comments. I got the brush at IMATS last year. I think the company was called Royal & Langnickel. Hope that helps!

  9. Super cute!! :)


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