Saturday, September 1, 2012


Ever since trying their shea butter hand cream, L'Occitane has been a brand that I associate with luxury and indulgence, and with getting the job done. I decided to pamper myself with some of their skin care products, namely the Almond Supple Skin Oil, and the Ultra Rich Face Cream

Words cannot express how much I love this body oil. The first time I used the skin oil I was shocked. I had been expecting it to be at least somewhat greasy (which is something I was willing to put up with), but this goes on with the most beautiful consistency. It's not greasy at all. It glides on kind of thick but is easily massaged into the skin and sinks in almost immediately to a dry-ish finish. I have never seen or felt my legs so silky smooth and the oil gives them a little bit of an extra sheen. It is so good, I don't think I will ever go back to another body cream. 

The ultra rich face cream, to some people, may sound like the scariest thing to put on your face, but to me it sounded like the perfect nighttime hydration. This is basically the shea butter hand cream, for your face. I love it - it's thick, moisturizing, and smells divine. It's great for the dry patches I've been getting and I am so looking forward to using it this winter. 

And lastly, I found the best lip balm ever - for only 5 dollars! 
It's the Yu-Be Lip Therapy, and my search for the perfect lip balm may be over (although that probably won't stop me from buying more). This goes on completely matte - no stickiness, no shine - but still has a good slip to it. It has a slight tingle to it, and smells medicated and herbal, which I LOVE. It keeps my lips moisturized and half the time I don't even notice that it's on. This is definitely my favorite lip balm to date, and for 5 dollars, I won't feel bad repurchasing it over and over again. 

Lesson learned: if you are ever in need of a good pamper sesh, turn to L'Occitane. 
Hope you are all well, and thanks for reading!



  1. I haven't tried any Loccitane products before but you make it sound like I have to! I've been looking for new skin care. That lib balm sounds great, I'm so sick of my Maybelline Baby Lips! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing. I like anything that makes my skin and lips soft. The lip balm is a good deal right? Can't beat $5.
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  3. I have adored L'Occitane products for my face ever since I too tried their hand cream which I'm now hooked on. I ADORE that Ultra Rich Face Cream as a night cream during the Winter, there is nothing better, but also to rescue my skin after getting out of the swimming pool. I love the pretty heavy glass jar too, but that is a bit of an issue now I'm moving to LA and I need to fit everything into one suitcase for the flight - I spent half an hour yesterday getting the last of my jar into little plastic travel tubs - I'm going to take a mini jar of it on the plane with me for some in flight intense hydration too!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I think I definitely need to pick this up :) x

  5. I love the packaging of L'occitane but I have found their products to be a hit or miss. I was actually disappointed by their shea butter hand cream. It was way too irritating for my eczema. But their Rose des 4 Reines Eau de Toilette is absolutely heavenly if you like rose in fragrances. Now I want to check out the almond oil, I love almond scent for the fall and winter

  6. Omg, I want to try that body oil and that lip balm! I've been looking for a good body oil for a while!

  7. You have a new follower ;) And you are going to make me go broke with all of this because I know I'm probably going to want to try everything!!

  8. The subtle skin oil has been on my list for a while. Will definitely treat myself to it one of these days.

    Btw, great blog! Started following. <3


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