Monday, October 29, 2012

Mario Badescu Skincare

I was first turned on to Mario Badescu skincare when I tried their enzyme revitalizing mask. That mask to me, is a miracle worker and I will never be without it in my army of skincare products. After trying a few other products after that, Mario Badescu remains one of the skin care brands that I get excited to try different products from. So I was super excited when they sent me a few items from their line to test out. 
I've been using the enzyme cleansing gel as my morning cleanser. The one major plus about this cleanser for me is that it doesn't foam up, so it is perfect for over-the-sink cleansing because it doesn't get all into your hair, while I save my cetaphil for nighttime clarisonic cleansing. I think it's a good cleanser, it keeps my skin regular, but at the same time it isn't anything hugely special. 

The seaweed cleansing lotion is meant to be used as a toner, and on the days that I remember to use toner, I love using this. After my Super brightening toner smashed on the bathroom floor, this came in handy as a happy alternative. It is soothing, makes my skin feel soft and refreshed and doesn't dry out my skin.  
I have purchased the A.H.A. botanical body soap before on my own because I had been breaking out a lot on my back. In terms of getting rid of acne on my body, I think it helped slightly, but nothing too dramatically noticeable. It does, however, have an amazing herbally smell, and is not drying on the skin, as the papaya and grapefruit extracts are meant to gently exfoliate the skin. 
This is the standout product for me. I have heard a lot about the drying lotion before and now I know why. With this, I will never be afraid of getting a pimple on my face again. With just a dab of this before bed, the redness and swelling of a pimple was dramatically reduced within the next day. I did notice however, that this only works on big, ready to pop, basically disgusting pimples. It does not have as dramatic of an effect on little bumps, blackheads, whiteheads, or already popped blemishes. I love it though, and will never be without it!
I really wanted to like the summer shine body lotion, for that radiant, beautiful glow in the summertime, but I found that it was too shimmery for my liking, as most of these products are (the Burt's Bees radiance body lotion has been touted as "non-glittery", but to me it is still too shimmery). It smells amazing, and is a really nice consistency, but I can't get over looking down at my skin and seeing small speckles of glitter/shimmer. 
This would probably give off a pretty glow to other people looking at you, but it's just not for me. 

So there is my quick review of a few things from the Mario Badescu skin care line. There are some hits and some misses, as is to be expected. There are a ton of products in their range, and they are broken down into very specific skin types, so there is something for everyone. 

So sorry for the long overdue post, I am the worst blogger ever. I do, however, have some awesome products that I've been using a lot recently that I want to share with you guys, so look for that soon!

Hope you are all doing well


  1. I had a very products from Mario Badescu before. I loved the cucumber lotion - toner. I haven't tried any of these yet, but I might try the seaweed cleansing lotion soon.

    1. The cucumber lotion toner sounds amazing!

  2. I'm always delighted to see your posts in my feed! I never tried any products from Mario Madescu, as I've been quite impressed with my Caudalie range I've been using the last few months. Where do you buy his products, can you get it at sephora?

    1. I've actually been buying them in store or online at Nordstroms. They have free shipping, and most of the products from the range. I really want to try Caudalie - I've been testing out the the thirst quenching serum, good stuff!

  3. thanks for this post! i've been eyeing a few Mario Badesc products, the drying lotion was one of them and also the healing cream (i think thats what its called?) because my pimples tend to scar quite badly ;c
    i miss your blog posts!

  4. I love Mario Badescue skincare.. Their drying cream and drying mask worked wonders on my acne back in the day..

    I am now using their whitening mask.. it's not a miracle product but it's nice.. And I also got a sampple of their enzyme mask which I love! It's super hydrating and leaves the skin feeling so nice and glowy

  5. Looks very nice.^^
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