Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Origins Make a Difference Plus

Origins rejuvenating moisturizer review
I've purchased quite a few moisturizers in the past, and not one has stood out as much as the Origins Make a Difference Plus rejuvenating moisturizer that I am currently using. 

I've tried the Origins Night-A-Mins cream in the past, but this is a different beast entirely. It is formulated for combination/dry skins with natural ingredients to repair and maintain the skin's natural moisture reserves. I've been using it as a night cream, and the only thing stopping me from using it in the day as well is fear of using it up. As soon as I put this on, it makes my skin look dewey and smooth, without looking or feeling greasy. I also feel that it has incredible lasting power; it sinks into the skin without disappearing or getting wiped off on your pillow case. 

Considering that I put this cream to the test during a windy NYC winter, I have to attribute the smoothness and brightness of my skin to this product. Normally during this time of the year, I would have dry patches all over my face and my skin would look dull and dehydrated. I still get the occasional dry patch in the inner corners of my eyes, but my skin has honestly never looked this good. It has evened out the texture of my skin, and makes my pores look smaller. I also miraculously have had much fewer breakouts, possibly a result of less dry skin building up and causing congestion. 

I have never repurchased a moisturizer, but I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out. If you are suffering from dry skin, go get a sample of this and try it out! Hopefully it will be as much of a miracle product for you, as it was for me. 



  1. This sounds amazing. I get dehydrated skin quite often, so this sounds like it would be great for me too. I love Origins products :) x

  2. Sounds amazing!I really want to try this moisturizer from Origins!

  3. This sounds amazing. My skin could do with this. x

  4. You know I love using this when I'm at your place! But I have a moisturizer I'm working on finishing right now.. I do want to try a hydrating Origins mask though!

  5. I love the night-a-mins so much but i'll have to try this after I read your review!

  6. Love your blog<3
    Now following ^_^


  7. I'm interested in trying this!! Just a recommendation ( not that you need to switch if you have one you love! ) but SkinMedica makes an amazing moisturizer called "Dermal Repair" for super dry skin! Great blog!


    1. Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for better, even though I really love this one, I'm sure I'll end up trying something new in the future. I'm def going to look into this one!


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