Saturday, February 5, 2011

Omg Shoes.

I often go through cycles of lusting over shoes, filling my quota, and then losing all interest in buying them...for a while at least. Currently, I think I am at the cusp of falling into one of these cycles again because I have been going crazy for all the beautiful shoes I have seen while walking through stores. 
I am so ready to get out of my boots and kick my wardrobe into spring mode. 

Here are a few beauties that I have been eyeing:

1. Jessica Simpson Ely - love at first sight. They are the most glamorous ballerina barbie mary janes I have ever seen (yes, that is my best description). A pair that I don't really know if I would wear, but they would be the most wonderful trophies for my closet =) 
2. Bakers Debbi - these are such sexy shoes for going out at night 
3. Nine West Ambitious - I love nude shoes, I could wear them to death. These are the perfect pair and Nine West makes phenomenal shoes!
4. ASOS Peaches - these coral pumps would give the perfect pop of color to a plain spring/summer outfit
5. Aldo Krugh - I think these would be so cute with a flowy dress. At first I hated the chunky heel style, but now I really like it.
6. Franco Sarto Mega - I think I need these. 

Of course I'd love to take them all home, but I need to control myself. Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Wow so many lovely shoes! I especially like 2 & 4 though :)

  2. I love jessica simpson ones, they are just so bloody perfect ! & that color, oh how lovely :)


  3. OMGGG #1 =] That picture does not do it justiceeeee!!! JS <3


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