Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Haul: Allcosmeticswholesale and MAC

Hello everyone =) I recently ordered a few items from allcosmeticswholesale, which is an amazing site that sells a number of designer brands at a discounted price. They've got some really unbelievable deals and it is a lot of fun shopping on their site. I mainly went on there to check out the Michael Todd stuff, a brand that I was turned onto by Lisa from Lisasz09 on youtube. Of course I ended up with a billion other things in my basket, like a YSL rouge volupte that I eventually put back (regretting it? maybe). But, I finally narrowed it down and this is what I got:

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow - Slate
I am obsessed with all cream eyeshadows like the MAC paintpots, and I really want to try more from different brands, so I was really excited when I saw this. It is a really nice slate gray color with a hint of purple running through it. This is not very pigmented and is easily blended out, so it gives a very subtle smokeyness to the eyes. This has more of a cream to powder finish, which I like, but I'm not sure how it will hold up as an eyeshadow base. 

Michael Todd eyeshadow base
I have heard many good things about this eyeshadow base. I have never used urban decay's primer potion, I have only used paint pots as my bases. I used this yesterday and so far I really like it. It dries slightly opaque, creates a nice, sticky base and does not crease. I really like the doe-foot applicator too. 

Michael Todd powder blush - Lilia 
The color of the blush was a little different than what I expected from the pictures, but it is still a pretty color nonetheless. I think I was most disappointed by the blush, first because of the color and then because of the quality. It is quite powdery and chalky and barely shows up in a swatch on my hand. I haven't given it a good go yet, but I don't have high expectations. 

Michael Todd creme glace lipgloss - Natural & Perfect Mauve
I am really excited about these. They are meant to be lipglosses, but they have a much creamier, smoother texture and they go on very opaque. They are a mix between lipgloss and lipstick, almost like liquid lipsticks. Both colors are really pretty and wearable, but natural is more lipgloss-like, and perfect mauve has more of the lipgloss-lipstick hybrid qualities. 

Finally, I stopped by MAC and picked up the Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick, which I was incredibly excited about. 
I don't have the first Gaga lipstick, but this one is much more wearable to me. It is a browny nude, which doesn't look as unnatural on me as pinky nudes and it is super creamy. I am absolutely in love with it, and might go for a back up. 


So that is my haul. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while and I can't say that I will be posting within the next few days because I will be gone for a mini spring break vacation! But I am excited to come back and resume blogging.
I hope you guys are having a great week!


  1. Great choices ! I love makeup too !


  2. Great haul! I have to go to the mall to get the Viva glam lipstick! Thinking about ordering from acw soon, they have a really nice selection! Have a lovely vacation! xo


  3. I love that site too and have gotten quite a few items from there. I am obbessed with cream shadows as well. Would love to read a review on how well bobbie brown holds up once you give it a go. I don't own any of them. Have a great mini vacation. :)

  4. wow great haul! the bobbi brown shadow looks gorgeous and so does the Gaga 2 lipstick, i've been after that for ages! x

  5. Nice haul :) I love the colour of the Bobbie Brown cream shadow and Perfect Mauve lipgloss. That blush loks so pretty, it's a shame it's powdery and chalky. Have a great mini break! :D xx

  6. I really want Gaga 2 aswell :) x


  7. Oooh lovely choices! That Micheal Todd blusher looks amazing! Love your blog :) following now xx

  8. Woo hoo such a fab haul you had! I want to try all the products mentionned :) I've never heard of Michael Todd before though... lovely brand! xo

  9. I have one bobbi brown cream eye shadow in black violet.. it's such a pretty shimmery violet.. Really brightens the eyes.. and stays on all day..

    Great haul =)

  10. Oh I need to get a Gaga lipstick. . is it for Mac ?


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