Thursday, May 5, 2011

Revlon Stormy Pink

Revlon makes the best drugstore lipsticks in my opinion. They have a wide variety of shades that are on par with current trends, the formulations are nice, and the packaging is sleek and has a nice weight to it. They are also the only drugstore brand I have found that carries a large selection of matte shades. 

This is one of their Super Lustrous lipsticks in stormy pink and when I first saw this shockingly magenta color I immediately thought of Candy Yum-Yum from MAC. I have recently been really drawn to these bright pink/magenta lip colors and I'm glad I got to try out this one first before I shelled out the money for a high end lipstick. 

The lipstick goes on surprisingly sheer, has a texture similar to a lip balm, and is super buildable. At first I was a little disappointed that it didn't come out as strong and creamy as I had expected, but then I realized that the formula is what made this matte lipstick not so matte (drying, flaw accentuating, flat). I am strangely mesmerized by it because of its stunning color - it is definitely a "weekend" lipstick. 

Next to get on my magenta lip list? MAC Chatterbox, Impassioned, and MUFE Aqua Cream #7 fuschia.



  1. I'm starting to love Revlon lippies as well. I've tried a few of their colorbursts and am very impressed!

    This colour looks gorgeous, can't wait for your next fuschias!

  2. That's such a pretty colour! I only just bought my first Revlon lippie the other day, but I know I'm definitely going back for more - they're amazing :P Xx

  3. I have yet to try a Revlon lipstick & I actually quite like lippies that go on light & sheer like lip tints. (: Should pick one up next time!

  4. Such a beautiful lippie!

    I'm loving brights at the moment so might get this :-)


  5. This is gorgeous! The colour is so bright and playful! :) xxx

    Also, I'm having a giveaway for a Sigma makeup brush, if you'd link to enter -

    Thanks, Love Hannah xxx

  6. That looks so pretty! I love Revlon lipsticks xx

  7. Gorgeous color. I only own one Revolon lipstick but probably should revist them. xx

  8. BEAUTIFUL color! Revlon makes some of the best lipsticks!

  9. Love this colour! hopefully i can find it, thanks luv


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