Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Shimmer

I typically prefer matte/satin finishes, but lately I have been noticing that a lot of the products I've been using contain quite a bit of shimmer - and I don't hate it. In the summer time I tend to wear less makeup so I think it's easier to wear a shimmery eyeshadow or blush without being overwhelming. It brings a lightness to my makeup and adds to the dewy glow effect. The only thing is that my t-zone gets pretty oily, so sometimes adding shimmer to my face can be a little distracting. I bought an Origins mattifier to help myself out and hopefully I can do a review of that soon. 

After Lisa Eldridge, 25FLondon, and many others talked about these colour mousse eyeshadows by Rimmel, I was intrigued. I am down for any cream eyeshadow that comes in a pot, and luckily a good friend of mine was in England at the time and was able to get me one of the colors, Get Fresh. Feeling panicked that I only got one and did not have easy access to the range, I quickly ordered two more off ebay, Glitz and Sassy, and even went further to get the mousse bronzer in medium glow. 
These are really good for the price. The formula is more like a cool gel than a mousse, and it dries almost instantly and does not budge once it is set, so you have to blend these babies out quick. The eyeshadows go on a lot more sheer on the eyes (although you can build them up) and are super shimmery, but I do like the effect that they give. I really like using a flat shader/concealer type brush to put these on because using my fingers is just too messy. 
The bronzer has some shimmer in it too although it is hardly noticeable on the cheek. The color is a terracotta brown that I'm afraid could go orange on some people, but works for me. It's nice because you can put a thin layer on for a subtle tan - cream bronzers look so natural!

A few other cheek products I have been using
ELF warm bronzer, NARS Deep Throat, Wet N' Wild Pearlescent Pink
The ELF bronzer is very peachy toned. On some darker skin tones it barely shows up, but for me it works well as a blush/light bronzer. It gives lots of sheen and is one of those great products that you will never feel guilty using. 
NARS Deep Throat is my first and only NARS blush, although not my last, and it definitely lives up to the hype that follows it. It is slightly peachy pink, shimmery, and amazingly pigmented. I love this and will probably never run out. 
The Wet N' Wild blush looks sort of like a dupe for Deep Throat, but is rosier and contains much chunkier glitter, which is probably barely noticeable on the cheeks. It is also extremely pigmented and is among the many good products from Wet N' Wild. 

I love all these, but the one thing I will never do is shimmery lip products. I can't stand them! 



  1. Those cream eyeshadows look amazing! It reminds me of the MAC Flighty wet eyeshadows or whatever. I'm so going to check that out.

    Also, I LOVE all NARS' blushes so I love the Deep Throat blush. :)

    Lastly, WnW has really been amazing me more and more lately. I just bought one of their e/s trios (Sweet As Candy) and it was pretty good.


  2. Great post. My sister-in-law (^JC) showed me your page. =) I'm really curious about those cream eyeshadows. Nice blog, btw!


  3. I never tried a cream bronzer.. This looks so pretty!

    I have MAC Dainty and ppl say it's a close dupe to Nars Deep Throat.. If that's true that it is a lovely colour!

    Nice post hun.. Thanks =)

  4. Great products! Just never say never! :P

  5. ow, total opposite to me - I never wear matte blusher or eyeshadow!

    Might just try one of those Rimmel eye pots...

  6. I ran out and bought some of the rimmel mousse eyeshadows after watching Lisa Elridge! Love the look of glitz, might have to go back for more :)

  7. Ah, you say that now, but in a couple of months time you might me writing a Summer Shimmer Lips post xDD

    I'm so glad you like them - I'm always worried when I write an in depth, positive review! I still use at least Glitz everyday, & will have to check out Get Fresh. I didn't think I'd like to have pink eyes, but I've loved the pink in the Dior Rosy Tan Quint so I should probably give it a go!

    Great post as always!

  8. Everyone raves about the Rimmel mousse eyeshadows but I hated mine! I got mine more than a year ago so they might have reformulated..

    Great post/pics as always Vida! :)

  9. The cream shadows look really nice! Get Fresh seems like a pretty shade.

    Lol, I used always strive for that flat out matte finish probably because my nose & tzone tend to get really oily-looking. But now I find that using a few shimmery products won't hurt. It gives a fresher, healthier complexion. (:

  10. @ JC - yea they really are like the MAC flighty eyeshadows, except the color range is brighter and more summer, whereas the MAC colors I feel are more neutral.

    @ D.Sadie - I'm glad you like my blog!

    @ Delyteful - Every time I see dainty I want it! I guess I don't really need it then...

    @ Shopperita - haha so true.

    @ Rachel - yea, I guess I just like them because they give a more natural look. You should try one!

    @ Imogen - haha I'm glad you feel the same way about Lisa Eldridge as I do.

    @ 25FLondon - hahaha never!! Glitz is soo pretty and you were right about it being a dupe for sidecar! Get fresh doesn't come out so pink on the lid, it's more like a soft rosey tint. It's pretty, but Glitz is def my fav!

    @ Yu - aw, that sucks. I can see how you hated them though because when I first got mine I was a little disappointed, mostly because the consistency was so weird to me. A good way to use them if you don't like it as an all over eyeshadow is to dab a little bit in the middle of your lid over other eye shadows to add a bit of shimmer.

    @ Tiffo - that is exactly what I think =)

  11. awesome post! i have to check out the wet and wild blushes. I love their shadow's, especially their matte ones. I would never do shimmer on the lips either lol

  12. Those eye mousses sounds great and look lovely, especially Get Fresh and Sassy. I might have to take a look at these next time I'm out.
    Ooh, Deep Throat and Pearlescent Pink are super pretty. I wish Wet n Wild was easier to get hold of in the UK.

  13. These look gorgeous. I go thru stages where I love matte and then stages where I love shimmer. Always changing my mind. AT the moment I love shimmer too. xx

  14. I have to get NARS Deep Throat! It is such a pretty color!

    xoxoxo great post

  15. Definitely heading down to Walgreen's later for the Wet and Wild blush... haha.

  16. @ Genevieve - I hope you like it!

  17. I've heard so many good things about the Rimmel mousse eyeshadows. I was going to buy some Benefit creaseless creams but will have to take a look at these first. Sassy and Glitz are gorgeous x

  18. Those cream shadows look GORGEOUS! I've been really obsessed with cream eyeshadows lately, so sad that those are only in the UK :/ maybe i'll check ebay for them as well! and that WnW blush is one of my favorites, wnw does great blushes!


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