Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend Sights

Shoes at the Barney's Warehouse sale 
Hot Chocolate from City Bakery - dangerously sweet and chocolate-y
Sushi dinner with a friend at Monster Sushi
Finally got to try my first macaroon at La Maison du Macaron
The cutest alleyway by my apartment
I loved this crate of classic Coke bottles inside the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Enjoying an ice cream cone on the pier by Brooklyn Bridge


  1. All the food looks so good! Great pictures! :)

  2. I have been dreaming about those macaroons! We must go back =)

    PS: I love those old fashioned coke bottles... I want to throw a themed party just so I can buy them!

    PPS: Congrats on 600 followers!!

  3. that hot chocolate looks so yummy!! Any good pick ups at the Barney's warehouse sale? Great pictures!

  4. Lovely pictures! Ooh, I'm drooling at all those yummy macarons and sushi! xx

  5. This post is completely mouthwatering. I really enjoyed looking at that cup of hot chocolate.

  6. so cool. i love seeing little snapshots like this!

  7. your weekend looked fun! love your pics, esp one w/ the chair&pot in the alley way

  8. :) how did you like your first macaron??
    That hot chocolate looks sooooo yummy!
    Emma xx

  9. very jelous that you live in new york!
    and i LOVE your blog
    i've never tried a macaroon what are they like?


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