Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soften the Mood

For the past 2 months, I have found myself constantly reaching for this eyeshadow combo. It is MAC's soften the mood, one of the mineralize eyeshadow trios that came out in the "In the Groove" collection.

I love the color combination of this trio - neutral and wearable, fun, and oh-so-easy. I like to wear the middle shimmery rose color all over my lid, the soft matte brown color in my crease, and the light blue on my lower lash line. The rose color in the middle has silver and gold shimmer running through it and is my absolute favorite out of the three. I've already made a noticeable dent in it and am desperately on the lookout for a color similar to it (any suggestions?) The blue is light and wearable and it works surprisingly well with the neutral colors.

Here's what it looks like on:

       On the rest of my face: 
- Clinique superbalanced makeup
- MAC Margin blush 
- Revlon 3D extreme mascara
- Clinique gel liner 
- NYX orange soda lipstick

Crappy pictures I know, but I'm getting better... :)

If you can still find this trio at your MAC counter/store or if you can someday find it at a CCO, I definitely recommend you get it!


  1. what shade is your clinique superbalanced??? :)
    thinking of buying it.. and i have the same skintone as you have.. i think haha :)

  2. I also wanna know your shade on this foundation. :)

  3. omg this is so creepy o.O i commented here like aaalmost a year ago ahha and i am back on the sam post lol


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