Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was so excited when I found out there was an Inglot in Vegas, as I've heard so many things about the company. Naturally, I had to go have a look for myself. 

The store itself is like a playground for makeup addicts, with rows and rows of eyeshadow, lip, and cheek colors.  Everything is really sleek and modern and looks really expensive, but the products are surprisingly affordable. 
With their freedom system, you could pick any one of their palettes ranging from 2 pans to 10 pans and customize the shape of the pans (circle or square) and of course, the colors and products. I stuck with the eyeshadows, which were overwhelming enough on their own. With so many colors, it's so hard to choose which ones you want. I ended up picking out the colors that I absolutely had to have and then choosing the palette that would fit them. I ended up with this:

Unfortunately there are no catchy names for the eyeshadows so I can only give you the "code" that is on the back of the pans. 
KE31CF                                                                KD29CW                                                             K123CJ
Yes, I only walked out with 3 eyeshadows! But if I had to pick more, I would have spent too many hours in that store. Each of the eyeshadows is the same size as a MAC eyeshadow and for all 3 of them I paid $16. Also, refills for the palette are only $5 each. 
I can safely say that I am obsessed with my purchases! The shadows are such good quality and they all have the same buttery smooth texture, even the really glittery ones like the one on the left. 

One thing that really impressed me was the quality of the lighter colors. Sometimes with lighter eyeshadows, the texture can get a bit chalky and not as smooth or rich as the darker ones. But at Inglot there were so many golds and shimmery champagne colors that swatched amazingly, like the light gold one that I purchased. The gold is the only one I've worn so far. It is such a unique color in my opinion and looks really nice as a wash of color all over the lid. 

The palette is durable, compact, and comes with a little mirror on the inside. I didn't really think about getting colors that went well with each other, but this palette would be great for traveling. Not all the palettes are of the same design though, some of the other ones have a translucent magnetic cover, which is nice also. 

I am really lucky that one of the five Inglots in the U.S is located in New Jersey, so I can conveniently revisit it again in the future. 
If you get the chance, you should definitely go to Inglot - it's just really fun =) 


  1. wow Inglot looks like heaven! Loving the eyeshadow colours you bought, and its nice to see that they're not hugely expensive either :) x

  2. I think I may want to live here! the colors you chose are PERFECT.

    xoxo following!

  3. Vegas has everything doesn't it? I keep reading about Inglot but I don't think there are any stores around here. You picked the same shadows I would have. The lighter one looks amazing.

  4. oh that pink shadow is so gorgeous! I like inglot but I don't like the way they name their products

  5. I adore INGLOT. I went once when I was in the UK and I felt in love with the products!


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