Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Squeaky clean brushes

I always try to keep my brushes in tip top condition, and that means washing them regularly is a must. To me, there is something therapeutic about washing brushes so it is a chore that I enjoy doing. 
In the past, I've used various shampoos, and brush cleansers that have cleaned my brushes, but only to a certain extent. I'm always left with a small amount of makeup residue and the brushes never look completely clean, especially the white goat hair ones. 

Until one day I decided to wash my brushes with one of the random Dove shampoos sitting in my shower. The particular one that I have is the Go Fresh Therapy shampoo for normal hair. Not only does this lather like crazy, but after washing and drying, my brushes look like they did when I first got them without a trace of makeup on them. I love using this shampoo as a brush cleaner; it keeps my brushes conditioned and fresh smelling too! 

Here are some dirty brushes:

And after washing with some of the Dove shampoo...

Bam! Squeaky clean brushes =)

For spot cleaning in between uses and when I'm in a rush, I use some MAC brush cleaner on a paper towel, which works really well for desanitizing and for getting most of the makeup off, but for deep cleaning this is what I much prefer. 

What do you guys use to clean your brushes?


  1. I use the same method as you, but I wash them with Wash&Go shampoo which I found in the cupboard one day! Before I was using Pantene Pro V to wash them but it left a nasty residue all the time x

  2. Oh I never know which shampoo to use, I just use a plain old bar of soap.

  3. I use dove shampoo as well to clean my brushes. :)


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