Sunday, January 30, 2011

Current Obsession: Wet N' Wild

Recently while perusing the aisles of the drugstore, I came across the wet n' wild brand, which has been widely talked about in the beauty community. I have never paid much attention to this brand, probably because of the "too good to be true" prices and it's tacky packaging. However, just for fun I picked up a few of their products, fell in love, and have since gone back for more. 

Here is my small but well loved collection of wet n' wild makeup:

1. Mega Last Lip Color - 901B Think Pink
2. Mega Last Lip Color - 903C Just Peachy
3. Color Icon eyeshadow single - Brulee
4.  Color Icon eyeshadow single - Nutty

These lipsticks are completely matte but they are not so drying if you put lipbalm underneath or some gloss on top. I like the matte texture because it doesn't feel like you're wearing a lipstick, and it lasts forever.
I absolutely love the colors of these. They are so vibrant and yet still very wearable. The coral peach shade is almost an exact color dupe for YSLs Rouge Volupte in No 30 that you guys know I'm obsessed with. Obviously, the texture comes nowhere near the YSL, but the color is so pretty and really lifts the face, not to mention it is much longer lasting. The bubblegum pink is really nice as well; it is like a brighter version of creme cup. These are the only colors I found in the collection that I would wear, but I saw online that they do make a nude shade, which I am trying to hunt down.

The only thing I hate about these lipsticks is the packaging. It is as cheap as they come, and not only that, the lipstick does not twist all the way down into the tube so it impossible to pop off the cap without nicking the lipstick.
Other than that, I love these!

I picked two of the neutral eyeshadow shades in the collection, nutty and brulee, and I am obsessed with them both! The quality of these eyeshadows isn't the greatest and can be a bit powdery if applied with a fluffy brush, but for $2, they are well worth it to me.
Brulee is a nice matte skin-toned pinky beige color which is really convenient to wear all over the lid and as a subtle highlight. Nothing that you need to run out and get, but I didn't have a shade like it in my collection so it was well appreciated. Nutty on the other hand, is amazing and I am so seriously in love with it I will probably keep it in my collection forever. It is a dirty brown color with a taupe sheen running through it. To me, it is like a more wearable version of MACs club. It is so pretty on it's own for a natural smokey look and I have also been wearing it in the crease with brulee on the lid on most days. 
I also really enjoy the tiny, bare minimum packaging of these single eyeshadows - they're cute and easy to store and carry.

Overall, I really love this brand. I really want to try out some of their eyeshadow palettes and possibly some more lip products. The collection is small so it is easy to get all the colors that suit you without being overwhelmed. There's nothing that really rivals high end makeup, but nonetheless it is inexpensive and fun to buy and use =)

I also want to thank everyone who has been reading and commenting on my posts. I love blogging and your thoughts are well appreciated!
Hope you had a good weekend =)


  1. the peachy lipstick looks so nice, and so do the eyeshadows :)

  2. I love this brand. I am actually wearing nutty today. And with the prices, it's just great! It's not mac, but it comes close.

  3. Omg the lipsticks look amazing! You have such good taste :) I had a palette from them but I gave it away as I never used it.

  4. I am dying to try wet and wild too. Limited stuff in Singapore, so I ask my friend to send me some from the US! :)

  5. so glad you did a review on this. i almost bought them but refrained thinking they wouldn't be that great. guess ill have to get them:)

  6. The lipsticks look gorgeous, and I've heard a lot of great things about Nutty!

  7. how on earth am i not following your blog already?! you take wonderful photographs and are absolutely gorgeous! thank you for the comment on my post, sometimes i'll go through and look at people's blogs to discover new ones, and i'm glad i did :) xx

  8. Can you believe I have not tried any product from Wet N wild yet??
    Thanks so much for the review, the pics and the swatches,

  9. those are reeellllyy pretty pink lipsticks.<3


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