Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Faking It

Now that I am not in school I can finally do something that I have been craving - I can wear long nails! While I was still in school I worked in a research lab and was around a bunch of science academics - an environment that I would never have felt comfortable wearing fake nails. But now I'm free! And I decided to celebrate with a box of Kiss everlasting French nails. 

I saw this petite version and thought it would be great because I don't like having very long obvious nails. 
They have made these nails essentially fool proof with little numbered tabs that make it easy to apply and track which nails go on which fingers. The glue smells like crazy glue, which is a little scary to put on your nails, but I applied a thin layer of nude polish before putting these on so hopefully that will help to protect my natural nails. 
I really like how they turned out very natural looking, and it took me probably the same, if not less, time that it would have taken for me to paint my nails. They last for up to 7 days, even though I will probably get sick of them before that and want to go back to my brightly colored nail polishes. Overall, these are a nice treat and keep me from going to the salon when I'm in a fake nail fix =).


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  1. Really pretty nails ^__^
    It looks very natural indeed!



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