Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top Summer Nail Polishes

Or more like top essie summer nail polishes. I didn't realize before I picked these out that they were going to be all, save for one, essie. I do own other brands of nail polish, but I guess there's just something about bright, summery essie polishes that I can't resist. 
I chose these not only because I love the colors, but also because the formulas are nice and easy to work with. You don't always get lucky with essie nail polishes - van d'go is the perfect example of a beautiful color, but a crap formula. 
L-R: Essie's borrowed & blue, status symbol, lollipop

I love baby blue nail polish no matter what time of year it is, but it is especially nice in the summer. The one I am currently liking is essie's borrowed & blue, a sky blue that looks great with a tan and against the brighter colors of my summer wardrobe.

Status symbol is probably my favorite magenta pink, because it pulls more pink than magenta. It applies like a dream and makes a bold, girly statement. 

Lollipop is a really vibrant, bright red. I don't usually like red nail polish, but this one is a young, fresh version of a classic color. It looks especially good on short nails.
{The picture isn't doing justice to the color of status symbol}

L-R: Essie's tart deco, boat house, OPI panda-monium pink

Tart deco is a really interesting color. In different lighting it can look anywhere from a salmon-y coral to a bright orange, which makes it impossible to photograph, but pretty nonetheless. I love all the different shades it can be and I get lots of compliments when I wear this =).

I've talked about boat house before, but I couldn't do this post without including it. It is a hot coral color that is ridiculously easy to apply. It is such an appropriate summer color and it just makes me happy

Lastly is panda-monium pink, a pinky lilac shade. I really only break this out during the hot weather months - it is a nice change when I want to get away from the pink/coral end of the color spectrum. 
A recently discovered nail product that I will never go without from now on - Sally Hansen's Dries Instantly top coat. I can paint this on one hand, and by the time I am done painting the other one, the first hand is already dry to touch. If you are like me, and cannot sit still after a freshly painted manicure, you need this. It's a lot better than seche vite in my opinion. 

I also recently got a pale yellow polish, Orly's lemonade, that I am dying to try and will most likely be added to this list =).


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