Friday, July 8, 2011

An Unlikely Pair

My skin has been going nuts recently and so I've laid off the face makeup while it recovers. But that doesn't stop me from playing with my eye makeup...
As I've mentioned before I really like the Covergirl quad, urban basics, especially the light lavender color. I have been trying to find different ways to wear it, and today while going through my makeup, I randomly decided to pair it with club by MAC to see how it would look. Surprisingly this green-y brown eye shadow blended in really well with the lavender and it turned into a deep purple while still maintaining its signature murky brown look - a pleasant surprise, and one that makes for a really dimensional smokey lavender eye.

I swiped the lavender shade all over my lid. To get the most color out of this eye shadow I put it over MAC's painterly paint pot and ditched my usual MAC 239 brush for a fatter and denser one by Essence of Beauty. 
For club I used a "pencil" type brush from Confidential so that I could be more precise about where I placed the color. It made it a lot easier to define my crease since I have such small eyelids, and draw out the elongated shape that I wanted.

I did a thin line of Maybelline's lasting drama gel eyeliner on my upper lashline and one coat of Rimmel's lash accelerator mascara. 
I also added a pale gold eyeliner (smashbox 14K) on my lower lashes for good measure. 

This looks really good with a peachy nude lipstick like Revlon's soft nude, but then again, so does everything. 
{conveniently covering up the worst parts of my skin}

I'm glad I found this amazing combo and another reason to love club eyeshadow =)


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  1. wow i would have never thought of pairing club with a light lavender shade! it looks great!


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