Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 Days, 4 Nights - Cabo

Like most vacations, this one came to an end all too soon.
Cabo was a great time - lots of good food, drinks and amazing beaches. The resort we stayed at was beautiful and especially conducive to relaxation. Most of our time was spent poolside, on the beach, or at the bar, but we did venture out to go parasailing and to the famous stone arches.
Lover's Beach
Me sporting my signature look of the trip: crop top and shorts
The impressive arches
Pelicans by the beach
From our balcony
Poolside necessities: beach bag, nook, sandals, and several mixed drinks
...and a good quesadilla 
The sunset that marked our last night =(

It was almost impossible to leave, but it's nice to be home with more time to enjoy the summer.
This trip and my previous haul have left me with no desire to spend money, so I will really have to start getting creative with these blog posts; having a blog about makeup and shopping can get a little expensive you probably may know =x


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