Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NYX lipstick haul

Hey guys =) I wanted to share with you the NYX lipsticks that I ordered. I get my NYX stuff from this ebay seller, joy017. If you're having trouble getting hold of NYX makeup, this is a great place to order from. She has so many items in stock and many of the items come in package deals so it is extremely inexpensive. Shipping is cheap and very fast and all in all it was a good ebay shopping experience. 

My NYX orange soda lipstick was running low and I wanted to get a new one. Another NYX lipstick that I loved, Circe, was brutally destroyed in a washing machine accident - I left the lipstick in one of my jean pockets and threw it in the washer. It was a disaster for my clothes, but I was able to undo most of the damage. 
And so, I was prompted to order 6 new NYX lipsticks. Here they are:

So far my favorites are tea rose and pumpkin pie, in addition to orange soda and circe. 

On my lips tea rose is a deep pink color, almost like a magenta - not really very rosy. 

Pumpkin pie looks very orange-y in the swatch above, but on my lips it is a slightly nude, my lips but better shade. 

Circe is a really nice brown-y nude, which I say would work well on medium to darker skin tones. 

I love orange soda, but it can be too much if you just slap it on all over. It is a lipstick that can accentuate the cracks in your lips, but if applied sparingly and blended out with your fingers it is a really pretty peachy nude.

Strawberry milk is like the name implies a very milky bubblegum pink - a fun lipstick, but not for everday, at least not for me. 

And thalia is way too dark for me, but maybe I'll find some way to make it work. 

The color variety of NYX lipsticks are so fun and at such an affordable price they are addicting to buy. Some of the colors are not always spot-on, but they are definitely fun to experiment with =)

What are your favorite NYX products?


  1. I have never used NYX products & am not sure where we can get them here in the UK...

    but I love the colours..especially Strawberry Milk & Orange Soda :)

  2. Strawberry milk looks amazing.

  3. Strawberry milk, Orange Soda, and Circe are interesting, I might just have to try them out..

    P.S- I don't know if you've checked it out but there is a good section of NYX products at Harmon's

  4. So pretty! I have never tried a NYX lippie, but they have always been on my list!

  5. Oh I recently won some goodies from Joy! That's too bad eBay is restricting me the access to her store though )=

    I have Tea Rose and love it! Strawberry Milk and Orange Soda look lovely too!

  6. I have a hard time getting a hold of NYX products but so far my fave has been the lipgloss and the blush. I have the lipstick in Paris but it's not an everyday colour.. I really wanna try Thalia, Orange Soda and Circe as I hear so much about it.. :)

  7. i have never heard of NYX but i do love the tea rose. looking at the lipstick does not look like it would be something i would pick but on it looks so much better! i likey :)


  8. NYX seems like such a great brand, I'm gonna check the ebay seller as I'm having so much trouble getting it :) thanks doll

  9. I really want to try Tea Rose but it's hard to find the full line of NYX in Canada :(


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