Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prints and Patterns

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent good quality time with your families, and got everything on your wishlists!
I thought I'd do a quick post before I went out to catch the post-Christmas sales!

This season the "chunky sweater with bold pattern" trend has been popping up in stores everywhere. Call it jacquard, fairisle, geometric patterned, snowflake shapes, or whatever you want. It is adorable. The prints add a bit of interest to a really cozy sweater, so you can be cute and warm - two adjectives that don't always describe the same piece of clothing. 
These sweaters catch my eye every time in stores, and I have been meaning to purchase some for a while now. 
Here are some I found whilst perusing the internet:

Fair Isle Cardigan - Forever21; Cross Stitch Sweater - Forever 21

Long-Sleeve Fair Isle Cardigan - Nordstrom

These next two I found on H&M. They don't seem to be on the website anymore, but they might still be available in stores. 

Knitted Navaho Cardigan - Topshop

'Tic Toc' Cardigan - FreepeopleScenes in Fairisle Cardigan - Freepeople 

I think they're all really cute and unique, and as you can see they come at a variety of different price ranges. I also saw some really nice cardigan ones at the Urban Outfitters store that looked amazing with a thin belt around the waist. 
So off I go to shop, and hopefully find some of these items! 

What trends have you been into recently? 

EDIT: I got snowed in. FML. 


  1. Haha! I was supposed to go shopping today to but I got snowed in as well. :( I was really look forward to it too!! BTW I added you to my blogroll :)

  2. Haha yea I was bummed that I couldn't go shopping, but the snow is beautiful! Thank you so much, you are really sweet =)

  3. haha basically the same thing... I bought one yesterday except its more like a poncho rather than a cardigan.

    btw i really like your blog and the eyeshadow you were wearing in a few blogposts before.

  4. ohh ive got that brown H&M jumper! soo warm! Lovely blog xx

  5. Aw you got snowed in lol well from what I hear, you're going shopping today so you can shop for sweaters and let me know what you get so I can borrow! Haha <3

  6. These cardigans are so cute! Cute outfits.


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