Thursday, April 14, 2011

Imats Purchases

Shopping at IMATS was a very different shopping experience than I am used to. With dozens of people picking at the same things, there was not a lot of time or space to try things on, swatch every other color, and definitely no time to go home and ponder. I picked things up pretty impulsively, but I am very pleased with everything I bought. Anyway, let's get on to the haul:

I picked up two blushes at Inglot - face blush in #24 and cream blush in #88

The cream blush is so different to any cream blush I have ever come across. It has a very watery, thin consistency and blends into your skin so smoothly. I haven't worn it out yet, so I don't know about it's lasting power, but I imagine that it would feel really nice and light on your skin. I liked the powder blush because of the color. I was looking for a light pink/peach nude blush, similar to NARS sex appeal, and I found this one. It is pretty light, and I have no idea whether it will show up on my skin or not, but here's to hoping. 

I have seen several blogposts about these little tubes of paint-like lip color by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and I am so glad I got to see them in person and pick out two that I really like. 

Cha Cha looks exactly like my beloved Orange Soda lipstick by NYX and Interlace is a beautiful peachy nude color (though for some reason it looks more pinky mauve in the picture). These are really impressive - one tiny dab on my finger goes such a long way. They seem like they would be super sticky, but they are not at all and easily spread across your lips. I really like them so far, but their smell is a bit nauseating. Also, the packaging is annoying and can get messy because the product oozes out - when I first got mine it poured out everywhere and it was a b*$#% to clean. 

Lastly, I got a bunch of brushes:
The white goat hair pencil brush is from Confidential Brushes, which is such good quality. Their brushes are very similar in quality and style to the MAC brushes and I was very impressed. I only got one but there were so many others that I wanted.
The black crease blending brush, the angled blending brush, and the small stippling brush are all from Royal & Langnickel. They had every brush imaginable, with some very unique ones like this one, which is now my pride and joy:
How amazing is it? It is so soft and dense and the angle is perfect for the contours of your face. The quality of the Royal & Langnickel brushes is not quite as nice as that of the Confidential ones, but they are more affordable and are still very good.

And that is all. I'm actually surprised that I didn't get more things, but I am trying to work on my self control so I guess this is a good thing =P



  1. I love everything! I have been dying to go to inglot, their stuff seems very nice! :) xo

  2. everyone is talking about IMATS haul now! =D I love the look of the cream blush too! Not oily (like NYX) which is good!

  3. I've never seen something similar to this kabuki! It looks awesome x

  4. oh oh Vida I love everything you got here!!! The angled kabuki looks awesome :D

  5. Love it! :) I need to get one of those OCC lip tars when I'm done with Project Pan, esp Chacha it looks gorgeous!

  6. Love it all, you make me want to go out and buy the make up,lol. Love Sia x

  7. Oh I'm so jealous! Such an awesome haul and I just love the colors. That kabuki is awesome!!

  8. The OCC interlace looks amazing. Gorgeous haul.:)

  9. Oh my! The lipglosses are super pigmented :) I think you did a nice haul, the brushes look very "professionnal", you're so lucky you got to go to the IMATS *jealousy*

  10. chacha looks super pretty! you have a lovely blog xx


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