Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Perfect Pastel

Last night I went to sleep earlier than I normally would, and I got a good, much needed night's rest.
I woke up this morning feeling like p-diddy so refreshed and energized.
To match my mood, I donned my girliest of tops and reached for some more adventurous shades while doing my eye makeup. The top I am talking about is a dusky pink cropped top with blue and rose colored flower patterns all over. For some reason, when I imagine myself in this shirt, I imagine myself with some sort of pastel blue makeup on. Seeing that I did not own the pastel color I envisioned, I mixed two blues that I already had in my collection - the pale, almost white, blue from my Soften the Mood trio, and the bright turquoise blue from the Original Sleek palette.

I very lightly dabbed the turquoise blue over my lid on top of MAC's painterly paint pot, and spread it out with the clean side of my brush. Then using the lighter blue on a blending brush, I blended over the first color until I lightened it to the color I wanted. Then I took some Naked eyeshadow by Urban Decay and blended the edges into my crease. On their own, these shadows would not have given me the effect I was looking for, but together they mixed into a beautiful pastel blue.

I'm surprised at how much I liked it, considering I (and many other people) do not usually wear pastel blue eyeshadow. I'm glad I was brave enough to wear this out all day, as it really did have a mood elevating effect.

Hope you're all having a great day!



  1. The pastel blue looks great on you! I may have to give it a go myself using the light blue from my Soften The Mood trio.

    (& I love the depth of field in your first photograph! /geekymoment)

  2. @Sana, thanks! Floral tops always make me feel extra girly.

    @25FLONDON, it's definitely a fun thing to try. Thank you, for indirectly pointing out that I had written the wrong name for the eyeshadow trio! And thank you for your comment about my photo. I am always in awe at your photos, so that really means a lot to me =)

  3. Cute top ^_^
    -You are so pretty, the pastel blue looks really good on you -you did a good job mixing the eyeshadows.
    Whenever I try mixing eyeshadows I end up with an ugly color lol

  4. Gorgeous! So spring like and insperational. I love how your makeup always looks so very wearable. :)

  5. That is soo pretty!! I really need to get over my fear of colored eyeshadows.

  6. i stay away from pastels but this looks really nce on you! x

  7. You always have such good ideas, it looks so pretty! I wouldn't have gone near a pastel blue, like you said not a lot of people wear it, but it's perfect with your top! :)

  8. Groegous
    So suitable for S/S
    :) x

  9. Oh Vida, how I love your blog.

  10. Oh, I thought there was another trio with a pastel blue! I didn't realise you'd written the wrong name haha!

    Aw, no problem! I love your photography :D (& thanks!)

  11. The pastels really suit you lovely1 You have blended the colours together beautifully <3 xo

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