Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Very Nude Lip Combo

Hello everyone! For the past few weeks since MAC's Quite Cute collection has launched, I have been captivated by a few things from the collection - Playing Koi & Candy Yum-Yum lipsticks, Bubble Tea plushglass, and a few of the blushes. When I felt that I could no longer look from afar, I decided to go to the MAC counter to see what they had left. There wasn't much, but that was probably a blessing in disguise.
I walked away with these two items that are good on their own, but even better when paired together.

Naked Liner lip pencil; Bubble Tea plushglass

I have been looking for a nude liner since forever, and this is it. Naked Liner is a true pinkish nude lip liner that is incredibly soft and creamy.The only other lip pencil that I own is from the Body Shop and it is hard and dry and no where near as nude as this one. This goes on with the lightest touch and I am so glad the makeup artist at MAC recommended this to me. 
It's not only pretty, but it's practical too - or as practical as makeup can be.  It is extremely matte and long lasting. You can use it to "over line" your lips to give the illusion of fuller lips, but this would probably only work if you are using a nude lip color because it can be slightly obvious. You can use it under lip glosses to make them hold better and last longer. And you can use it underneath any lipstick to make it brighter, and more true to color.
 I can't wait to experiment more with this, and maybe talk about it more in a future post. 

The plushglass is nice also, but nothing amazing - it was a purchase mainly to satisfy my need to try a plushglass. It is a beige pink, but comes out very sheer like many of the other plushglasses. These are supposed to be plumping lipglosses, but they don't really do much except give your lips a slightly minty feeling that may make you believe your lips are fuller. This is not such a bad thing, because I hate harsh plumping lipglosses. I love the packaging, the way it looks in the tube, the name, and the smell of it - it actually smells vaguely like bubble tea.
I would never have worn this alone, so I thought it would go perfectly with my new Naked lip liner.

It is evident to me after this post that I hate modeling my lips. But anyways, this nude lip takes a little more effort than just a lipstick would. But, I think that since it is a pencil, it is a lot thinner than a lipstick would be, so it doesn't look gloopy or too heavy and you can get into every nook and cranny of your lip using the point of the pencil. The gloss is also very thin, which is nice because I hate feeling like I am wearing layer upon layer of product on my lips.

Although the bubble tea plushglass is limited edition, I believe that the naked lip liner has become a permanent product which is perfect because I can see myself repurchasing it =)

What are your favorite lip liners/lip combos?



  1. This looks gorgeous! Such a lovely colour!!! xxx



  2. I really wanted to get bubble tea plush glass but never got around to getting it! It wanted it mainly for the name bc I love bubble tea! This is combo looks really nice! xo

  3. I never understood why Plushglasses are SO much more expensive esp when everyone says it doesn't actually plump your lips.. but Bubble Tea looks so pretty, I wish they had a permanent colour like that :) I have 1 lipliner and it's a horrible colour so I do want to try one out, the lightness you described that you can get from a lipliner is quite appealing! :)

  4. Gorgeous! Now I know I NEED to have this liner! and the lip gloss is TOO GORGEOUS!!!!

  5. I love the pairing you chose! perfect! I think that Sexy (gloss) by Mark. is a great dupe for the Bubble Tea PlushGlass- I miss bubble tea!! We done have any around where I live, I used to drink it when I lived in Vegas! Thanx for sharing!
    P.s. Vida (no pun intended) your lips are great models..or a great model? lol idk which would be correct

  6. niiiice.. if only I could pull off nude lips

  7. Oh wow, they really do look pretty together!

  8. I also have that lip liner and I love it!

  9. I love this post!! Now I really want that lip gloss. Thanks for shearing,love Sia x

  10. it really suits , you :) i might just try the same thing but in a colour that would go with my skin tone , great post xoxo

  11. I bought the naked liner last year and really love it. I hate modeling my lips too. I can never get them to photograp right. I skipped on the plushglass mainly because of how sheer it was.

  12. mm... bubble tea looks so sweet!


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