Thursday, April 21, 2011

Save the Earth, get your goods, and feel good doing it

I was ecstatic when I read on Holly's yummy mummy beauty blog that Origins is promoting recycling by allowing customers to trade in their old (or new) skincare products for a new full-size Origins cleanser as a celebration of Earth Day. So excited, that I want to tell all my friends about this and spread the word, hence this post. In the U.S., the promotion will take place on Earth Day itself, April 22, and I will definitely be going to Origins to get myself one of their cleansers. 

I've talked about the Checks and Balances cleanser before, and it is amazing, but knowing me I will probably go for the Perfect World cleanser just to try something new. 

I also found a few other offers that are going around that you guys might be interested in. 

Zoya nail Polish Exchange banner
Zoya is having a nail polish exchange, where you can swap your old nail polishes for new Zoya ones! 
You have to choose at least 6 nailpolishes, and up to 24, which is not hard considering how many colors they have. The only thing is that since Zoya is a web-based company, you have to pay $4 per bottle for shipping and processing. 
I have been wanting to try Zoya nail polishes for quite some time, and I know I am not alone in having bottles and bottles of dried up, unused, and abandoned nail polishes lying around. 

And finally, bring your reusable mug or tumbler to a participating Starbucks and they will fill it up for free with your choice of coffee or tea! This is so awesome for those coffee addicts out there, and for those of us who are working on our finals =<.

Darth Day on April 22

Helping to preserve the Earth, while saving some money at the same time? Yes, please.
I hope you all check out these great deals while they last!



  1. I want to do the Origins thing so much but there's no counters around me :( Poop! The Starbucks and Zoya deals are very jealousy-inducing as well.. lol :)

  2. I would love to participate on this zoya offer, but I don't think it works for me... :(


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