Monday, June 13, 2011

Products I'm loving

I really thought that I would be blogging more now that I am on my summer break, but it's actually quite the opposite and I'm not proud of it. Apart from just being lazy, I've also been trying to buy less makeup (trying being the key word), which means I need to dig for blogging inspiration in my existing collection. Although, I feel a binge makeup haul coming on...

Anyhow, I wanted to do one of my favorite kinds of posts and share with you a few products I've been loving. There's not too many things as makeup and hot weather simply do not go well together. 
I can't believe I haven't hopped on the mineralize skinfinish natural bandwagon until now. I can't get enough of this stuff. For now I have been using it as my base with some concealer underneath. It gives a really nice glow without being overdone, and at the same time helps minimize shine in my t-zone. Its lasting power is questionable, so touch-ups may be necessary. I don't mind though because I love using it, especially with my angled flat top kabuki!
MAC's well dressed, an oldie but goodie. This is probably one of my most reached for blushes. I haven't been laying out in the sun a lot so I'm still not too tan for this to show up on me. It's a blush that I have to pile on for it to work, but I like that it is almost impossible to overdo. I've heard that Illamasqua's katie blush was a similar, but more pigmented version, so I will have to try that.
I've already talked about the Covergirl eye enhancers here. They are on the bit on the less pigmented side, but I guess I really like them for a more subtle, light look. They also work well with a good paint pot as a base. 

I have also been loving this little e.l.f. elements customizable palette. This costs $1 and holds four MAC sized eye shadows. I decided that instead of getting more 15 pan MAC palettes, I want to just get these little quad palettes. They are small and portable and come with a little mirror on the inside. They feel pretty durable and are a great alternative to the MAC palettes. Currently, it is housing some of my MAC neutrals that I like to have with me on the go. 
Revlon pink pout lipstick is such a pretty pink lipstick. It also has a slightly lavender tone to it, and I seriously fell in love with this color when I saw it through the clear plastic top, and even more so when I put it on my lips! Another successful Revlon lipstick - matte, but glides on smooth, easy to whack on, and beautifully pigmented. 
Another Revlon lip product that needs no introduction, peach petal lip gloss. This is the perfect lip gloss. When people talked about lip glosses that weren't sticky, I could never understand it. After trying this one, I can finally see how a lip gloss could be not sticky. A great all purpose gloss, this is one to throw in your purse. 

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you've been loving =).


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