Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sleek Scandalous Blush

Here is Sleek Scandalous, probably one of the scariest looking blushes I own. It is bright red; quite different from the run of the mill pinks, peaches, and corals that we tend to see in blushes. When I first saw this I was at first shocked, but figured that it would be one of those blushes that looks scary in the pan, but gives a really pretty, unique color on the cheek. 
The packaging of these blushes is really nice; it is a lot smaller in person than I imagined, which makes it great for travelling and it still carries a significant amount of product (.28 oz). Not that I will even need half of that amount in my lifetime considering how little of this you need of this. Literally one light dab is enough for each cheek. 
Scandalous is a true matte red color - there are no orange or pink undertones, simply bright red. When swatched it looks like it should be a lipstick color rather than a blush color. It does take a bit of work to blend it in evenly as the powder does not transfer very well, but this is easily done with my MAC 109. 

This blush reminds me a lot of MAC's Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base, one of my favorite blushes, which I believe is a pro product. However, when swatched Virign Isle looks a lot more 
The picture is making it look more like a brick red, but in person it is much more vibrant!
On the cheek, I feel that both blushes give a really similar effect, although virgin isle may be a bit more flattering because of its pink undertones. Scandalous looks great with some bronzer; it really brightens up the face and makes you look healthy and fresh. It would also work great in the wintertime, for that English rose look. 
I love blush colors like these. They give you a look like you've just been out in the sun for the day and are a refreshing change for the summer. 

Would you try this? Or does the color in the pan turn you away?


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