Monday, November 15, 2010

Hopping on the NARS train

As I previously mentioned, I recently got the NARS essential eye palette - which I found, after doing a little research, retails for around $50-60 at some places, so getting it in the sephora exclusive set is an amazing deal! 

Anyways, I was super excited to try out the eyeshadows so today I experimented with this little beauty here:


It's a deep chocolate brown with specks of chunky gold glitter, which is not as noticeable once it is blended out on your eye but does tend to get all over your eye area. 
For me, it's no consequence as the eyeshadow delivers jaw-dropping pigmentation and is a beautiful color for warming up the eyes. I used it in the crease, with naked lunch all over the lid. I opted for a more toned down, neutral look so I blended it out quite a bit, but with just a couple of taps on your brush you can get the same intense color that you see in the pan, on your eyes. 

Some of the other eyeshadows in the palette are a bit chalky, but after using galapagos and a few others, I can understand why NARS is charging $23 for a single eyeshadow. I'm really excited to try out the rest of the eyeshadows in other looks so I can show you how those fare.

I really want to pick up some other NARS palettes as I think they are the best way to try out a bunch of different eyeshadows for a reasonable price. 

What do you guys think - are NARS products worth the money?


  1. I love the look of that chocolate brown!

    I've never used any of Nars' eyeshadows, the only thing I've ever used from them is the Sheer Matte foundation but I really want to try more of their products :) x

  2. Ooh how did you like the Sheer Matte? I've been wanting to get either that or the sheer glow

  3. well it's very sheer, the colour is good and pretty matte but I didn't really like how it applied. I couldn't get it to blend into the skin properly and found it sort of sat on top of my pores... was expecting it to be so much better!

    I think you'll have more luck with the sheer glow as it looks a lot better! xx


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