Thursday, November 25, 2010

A blush love...reignited

A few days ago I was rummaging through the drawers that hold my makeup, and I found this bad boy sitting in the back of one of them:


I used to use this all the time and I was absolutely obsessed with it.
Then, while I was on a vacation, I dropped it.
A once beautiful blush now looks like this, and has since been pushed aside by other, more visually appealing blushers.

It's a sad sight to see, and I realize that it is stupid to avoid using a blush that I love just because it is now in ten pieces instead of one. I cannot bear to throw it away and get a new one because I hate to waste things andd it was damn expensive ($24 @ For now I have just been carefully dabbing my brush into it and using it as I normally would, but the powdery remnants are way too messy. I am trying to look for one of those cheap plastic makeup containers to keep it in - goodbye simple chic packaging =( 

Anyways, onto the blush itself. It's freaking amazing. I know it looks pretty scary in the pan, and with a name like "orange", I don't know how many people will be wanting to put this on their face. Even when swatched the color doesn't seem like it would be too flattering on the cheeks. BUT, when you put this on it is absolutely gorgeous. It's a bright coral-peach, much more than just orange, and it gives you the most amazing glowing from within, bright, cutesy cheeks. It works in the winter to give a just came in from the cold look and also in the summer for a bright peachy glow that looks great with a tan. 

This blush is super pigmented and has teeny tiny micro-glitter particles in it which is probably what produces the incredible glow. It is one of my favorite blushes ever and probably one of the most unique colors that I own. Ahh falling in love with it all over again =)

Happy thanksgiving! I am currently overdosing on pumpkin pie as I write, it's great. 

  Have you guys ever broken your makeup? What do you do with it? 


  1. I've broken my makeup so many times. Usually ill just be really careful or ill empty the contents into a more hollow container so that it's less likely to fall out!

  2. A great way to save cracked powder products: Pour all the pieces into a small bowl, and ground them up into a powder. Pour some rubbing alcohol into the bowl, and mix so it forms a paste. Then pour the paste back into the original compact, and "drop" the compact a few times to remove air bubbles. Let it dry, and all the alcohol will evaporate in a few days and it will be good as new! :)

  3. @funinphotos - thanks for the tips! I've been meaning to do this since forever but I just can't get around to doing it!


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