Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brit Wit Cream Blush

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying your weekend =)

Today I wanted to share with you my love for a particular cream blush by MAC, 


It's a beautiful pinky-mauve color that I think would work great for the fall/winter season. Cream blushes are great because of their texture - they add pure color to your cheeks without the powdery mess. This means you can build it up to the intensity you want without worrying about cakey-ness. The dewy finish is perfect for winter time when you don't want your skin looking dry. MAC cream blushes in particular look and feel quick sticky, so you might at first be hesitant to put them on your face. However, I can say that once you have blended it out onto your skin, using a brush or with your fingers, it is weightless and smooth to touch. 

Since Brit Wit is in the category of plumy pinks that are a little darker/more intense than I usually wear, I will wear it alone, without any color on my eyes and with a natural lip. Sometimes I also wear it with a subtle light gold eyeshadow like LORAC's serenity, which is in the same color family as all that glitters by MAC. I love the gold and plum combo! 

The camera isn't picking it up as well as I'd like - in person the color is slightly deeper.

I'd really love to get some of the other cream blushes by MAC... any suggestions? =)


  1. Aw that cream blush looks so natural and pretty. Its just something else I have on my Beuaty WANT list. The mac cream blushes always look so inviting in the store don't they?. xx

  2. Haha tell me about it! I just can't help myself when I see them =)

  3. oh that looks so pretty on you!

    Check out my cream blush post.. It might help you decide on your next cream blush =P


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