Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY French Mani

I love getting my nails done, especially getting french manicures, and now I've found a way to get them without going to the salon. I've tried other french manicure sets that give you a neutral shade, and then a white - but the white had a normal brush that you use in conjunction with the stencil stickers that they give you. Those ended up a pain in the @$% and just a mess. 
The Rimmel French Manicure pro and the French White Tip pro combo is the first set I've used that gives you the white polish with the thin brush that salons use. 

It took a little practice at first to get the line right, but now I think I've gotten down the right technique to get a nice line. Doing my right hand is still a little hard, but overall the nail polishes are relatively easy to use. With a little seche vite on top, this french manicure has some serious lasting power - sometimes up to a week without chipping, which says a lot because I usually don't go a day without chipping my newly salon-manicured french nails. 

Here's the end result, 

It might not exactly match salon quality, but for eight bucks I can get a pretty, long-lasting french manicure whenever I want, as many times as I want. I really recommend this to anyone who wants to try it, but if you're someone with shaky hands, it might be easier to just go to the salon =). 


  1. I really like the look of those colours, have seen them in store and always nearly bought them! The white line scares me though, don't think i'd be any good at it!

    Your nails look gorgeous though :) x

  2. oh so you're doing my nails right? thanks lol you have so many goodies I don't know about ...

  3. @ Hannah, thanks! Yea, at first I didn't think I would be any good at doing it, but the tip makes it a lot easier I think.

    @ Stef, haha you know I'll end up doing your nails =)


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